Growing up in Nepal, near India, food and cooking was the key aspect in my life. From huge festivals to family gatherings and big wedding celebrations it was something that I can never ever forget.

I came to Scotland, United Kingdom nineteen years ago thinking I will put the love for cooking behind me and start a fresh career. I soon realised I missed my mother’s cooking so I had to cook for myself to get the very true taste to feed myself.

I began to start all over again and started of as a Kitchen Porter and developed my personal style, following, learning and shadowing other Chefs in my work place to enhance my knowledge and adapt to western Indian cooking.

I then found myself to be in the industry where I love and marrying all the Indian spices and flavours, I become a chef under my mentor Matin Khan – the award-winning chef – who taught me all the secret spices and techniques that he uses under his group.

I have been very lucky to follow my passion for food with a career and I now run The Radhuni kitchen based in Loanhead, Midlothian – rated by TripAdvisor as one of Britain’s Top Ten restaurants. The Radhuni has recently been awarded with the nation’s curry Chef of the Year 2018 (Scotland).

My personal journey from a little village in Nepal, to Clerk Street in Midlothian has taught me that everything changes all in time, as a result I am always looking hard to evolve the food we cook, responding to new ingredients, techniques and influences to create menus and dishes that are mindful of Indian tradition by complying with the original dishes that are still being cooked in India and Bangladesh.