Team Radhuni

Meet the team behind the multi-award winning The Radhuni restaurant!

Managing Partner – Habibur Khan

Front of House Manager – Rajesh Karki

Head Chef – Ashok Ram

Habibur Khan

Managing Partner

Since a young age, I have always had an inquisition to step into the hospitality sector, and this was inspired by the family businesses. Born and raised in Cambridgeshire before moving over to Edinburgh, I watched my father fail and succeed various times due to the 1990’s recession.

In the late 1990’s and early 2000 my father opened up various restaurants and from an infant age, I would shadow my father. I showed initiative and interest in the running of the business, and became particularly interested in the managerial side of the business. As I became older, I became heavily involved in the family trade, despite having studies.

Though my parents encouraged me to stay at school and complete my studies, by the age of 16, I already knew where I wanted to invest my time. I wanted the same occupation as my father; an entrepreneur within the hospitality sector. The catering and food business become intertwined with my blood. It was (and has since been) at the forefront of my mind; how to improve the businesses, thinking of new innovative ideas to make us unique from our competitors, how to gain that competitive edge which gives our customers an experience when they come to eat at our establishment.

In 2011, my family had a vision. To open up a restaurant in Loanhead, a small town with a population of only 7 thousand on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Though I was excited and I questioned my father, as with a population of only 7 thousand, I was apprehensive about the success of the business. At 12 years old, I contributed to my fathers vision and this was to have a somewhat mystery around the establishment. I wanted customers to spot us and come in, wondering what the restaurant was really about and following a huge investment, I can proudly say it is one of the best-looking Indian Restaurants in Edinburgh.

It draws attention not only from outside but the food, service and atmosphere. The overall ambience of the restaurant is what keeps our customers loyal. The restaurant grew a fantastic reputation quickly. But times were still getting difficult due to the staffing crisis. However, after facing these hardships, we overcame these barriers and we now have a team of 15 people, who contribute to making our restaurant better every day.

Currently, my occupations are an accountant, and a restaurateur, and though juggling these two jobs, and having a personal life can prove to be difficult at times, my drive for the restaurants is what keeps me going. With no hesitation, I manage The Radhuni to provide fresh, tasteful British Indian food which is proved to be of high quality based on the feedback on The Radhuni’s Social Media networks and website.

Rajesh Karki

Front of House Manager

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. This is where the journey all started in my hospitality career. From running various small Cafés and Restaurants in my village, it has taught me that giving World Class customer service along with a perfect culinary experience from start to finish to a small community is what I love doing!

Being able to manage and entertain my regular guests is what I specialise in. As well as engaging with them to find out about their taste buds and dietary requirements, and of course making sure it’s a memorable night!

I enhanced my experience and skills by moving to the United Arab Emirates, becoming Food and Beverage manager at a leading five-star hotel in Dubai named Grosvenor House.

After serving multicultural food for guests from all around the world for over a decade, and winning multiple employee of the year awards, I decided to bring my skills and knowledge to the United Kingdom.

Here, I was able to apply my wealth of knowledge and skills serving the local community of Loanhead and Edinburgh. This reminds me of my early days from Nepal where I would serve and entertain regulars – a great sign I/we have that appeal for guests returning again and again!

If you need help in choosing your dish, just ask! I am always happy to tailor your food to your needs.

Ashok Ram

Head Chef

Growing up in Nepal, near India, food and cooking was the key aspect in my life. From huge festivals to family gatherings and big wedding celebrations it was something that I can never ever forget.

I came to Scotland, United Kingdom nineteen years ago thinking I will put the love for cooking behind me and start a fresh career. I soon realised I missed my mother’s cooking so I had to cook for myself to get the very true taste to feed myself.

I began to start all over again and started of as a Kitchen Porter and developed my personal style, following, learning and shadowing other Chefs in my work place to enhance my knowledge and adapt to western Indian cooking.

I then found myself to be in the industry where I love and marrying all the Indian spices and flavours, I become a chef under my mentor Matin Khan – the award-winning chef – who taught me all the secret spices and techniques that he uses under his group.

I have been very lucky to follow my passion for food with a career and I now run The Radhuni kitchen based in Loanhead, Midlothian – rated by TripAdvisor as one of Britain’s Top Ten restaurants. The Radhuni has recently been awarded with the nation’s curry Chef of the Year 2018 (Scotland).

My personal journey from a little village in Nepal, to Clerk Street in Midlothian has taught me that everything changes all in time, as a result I am always looking hard to evolve the food we cook, responding to new ingredients, techniques and influences to create menus and dishes that are mindful of Indian tradition by complying with the original dishes that are still being cooked in India and Bangladesh.