Indian Restaurants A Brief History

Indian Restaurants – How old?

The first Indian restaurant in the UK opened approximately 200 years ago in London.

There was a yearning for curry after people started arriving back in the UK from the colonies. Indeed, many of them were seeking Indian restaurants to dine in.

Eating In

When curry first became a popular dish in Britain many middle-class people already had a chef.

Some also enjoyed adventurous cooking themselves.

Consequently, even though the concept of the Indian takeaway hadn’t been invented yet, people enjoyed curry at home.

A Rise in Popularity

During the war years many British businesses closed.

The empty shops were quickly re-opened by clever curry entrepreneurs who turned them into Indian restaurants.

Many businesses first catered to fellow Indian people but word soon spread and the modern curry house was born.

The Most Popular British Dish

Tikka Masala was so well liked that it has been said to be Britain’s most popular dish.

Chefs and curry house operators from Bangladesh had started a national phenomenon that continues to this day.

The Heat Test

The Scoville Heat Scale is a way to measure the spiciness of spicy food. Although scientific in essence the heat scale essentially measures the pungency of capsaicin.

The First Curry House

The UK’s first curry house opened in London in 1809.